How To Know The Car Alternator Is Starting To Break, Check The Indicator Light On The Instrument Panel

If you currently have an old car or want to buy a used car, you need to know what are the signs of an auto alternator failure.

Of course, a damaged car alternator will interfere with the operation of the car’s electrical system.

To find out, you can check the electrical functions of the car, such as lights and horns.

“If the turn signal is unstable or the lights are dim and the horn is slow, there is an issue with the alternator,” said Supriyanto, senior mechanic at Honda Permata Hijau’s official workshop in South Jakarta, to Ryan Fasha of Gridoto.

He explained that signs of a car’s alternator starting problem would also appear in the lights on the dashboard.

This is especially noticeable from the check engine lights, airbags, ABS and power steering, to the parking brake that lights up at the same time.

“The electronic control unit experienced a malfunction due to a lack of power supply from the generator,” Soprianto said.

Caution is required when all of the dashboard lights suddenly come on when connecting to the vehicle and starting the engine.

For a while the lights and dashboard lights went out completely and the engine stopped.

“When I started the starter, there was no sound from the starter, no lights and no horns. The generator was no longer able to supply electricity to the battery, so the car was completely dead,” he said.

Source: Gridoto