How To Upload YouTube Videos On YouTube Applications, Websites, IPhones, To Easy Ways To Download Videos

Here’s how to upload and download YouTube videos.

YouTube makes it easy for users to view a variety of videos uploaded by other users around the world.

Many people use YouTube accounts to make money as content creators.

You can find a variety of video content, from cooking content, games, makeup fashion tips, and travel daily YouTube videos.

Having thousands of videos on YouTube cannot be separated from the role of diligent users uploading them.

Uploading videos to your YouTube account is very easy and even a novice YouTuber can do it.

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How to Upload or Upload YouTube Videos via Android and Web

1. Check if you already have an email, if not, create an email account first.

2. Go to YouTube or click

3. At the top right, click Create.

4. Then choose Download Video.

5. You will be prompted to select a file to download.

You can upload up to 15 videos simultaneously.

However, if you want to edit the details of the video, you will need to click Edit on each file.

If you close the uploads page just before you finish choosing your settings, your video will be saved as a draft on the content page.

How to Upload or Upload YouTube Videos via iPhone or iOS

1. Download the YouTube app for iOS to make uploading videos easier.

2. Log in to your YouTube account.

3. Click the camcorder image at the top of the application.

4. Choose to record a new video or select a video already in your phone.

5. Add title and description to your video,

Options to edit your video before uploading are:

Add music to your videos (YouTube’s free audio library),

Choose and add visual filters to your video.

Trim video length (change start and end times).

6. Click Download.

Beginning in 2020, you will need to tell YouTube if your video is “made for kids” or for adults.

This feature makes it easy for parents to filter which YouTube videos their children access.

Download YouTube Studio and enable COPPA so your kids can watch YouTube safely.

How to Download or Download YouTube Videos on Chrome

1. Enter the YouTube app or go to the website

2. Find the video you want to download.

3. Play the video for a moment until the URL appears in the search field.


4. Click on the title, then add ss before the word youtube,


5. Click Search or press Enter.

6. You will be automatically redirected to the page.

7. On that page, you can download the video you want and choose the format you want.