Borrowing & Returning
All items must be checked out and returned to
the circulation desk.

Holding & Reserving
Items can be put on hold or reserved. To
place a hold online go to:
You do not have to have your books with you
to renew them. You can come to the library,
email, or phone us.

Loan Limits
Non-member – 3 items per loan period
Member – 5 items per loan period
The limits may be exceeded if you need the
items for a project.

Loan Periods
Books, Books on CD 2 weeks (nonmember)
3 weeks (member)
DVDs and Videos 1 week (not
Reference Items overnight (not
Lunchtime Library Use
You may come to the library during lunch to
work. Please eat before you come. Food is
not allowed in the library.

Some Rules
Be reasonably quiet. No loud disruptive
behavior. No food or drinks.

Need Help?
Send an email to any
time, day or night. We will do our best to
answer you within 24 hours.

[Adapted from Dax Graphics. Retrieved from]

The following questions are based on the text above.
a. Imagine you are going to the library and you see a book you need. Find out how you can
borrow the book.

b. You are going to borrow one print book and one documentary film. You have the
membership card of the library. How long can you borrow those items for?

c. You have brought your favourite book home from the library. However, you have not
finished reading it. Find out how you can keep the book longer.

d. You are a regular visitor of the library but you are not registered as a member. Find out
how many items you can borrow from the library.

e. You need a book for your school project, but you do not have time to go to the library
today. You plan to pick up the book tomorrow if it is available. Find out how you can