Any water left over after washing your car must be properly dried to maintain the durability of your car paint.

There are several types of mops that can be used for drying, the first of which is better known as chamois or chamois.

Chamois absorbs more water and is faster than regular fabrics.

However, please note that chamois may cause minor scratches on the body if the cloth case is dirty or unsuitable for use.

The next thing you can use is microfiber. It is said to be the safest fabric as it does not scratch the car body.

However, because it is less absorbent, more microfiber cloths are needed to clean one car.

PT Laris Chandra, the main brand of tortoise wax in Indonesia, offers fabrics with the latest innovations, making it an option to take care of your favorite car. Ultimate Hybrid Dry Chamois Dual Tech Microfibre + PVA is a microfiber cloth covered with PVA. chamois.

Ultimate Hybrid Dry Chamois Dual Tech Microfibre + PVA is a high performance drying and cleaning cloth, safe for use on any surface and highly absorbent.

Also, dust can get caught between the microfibers, so the drying process is safer against scratches and makes the surface of the translucent film more glossy.

It is twice the size of a full chamois (64 cm x 43 cm) and costs IDR 200,000 (HET).

The drying process is more efficient because the dimensions and thickness are large enough and large enough areas can be reached.

Turtle Wax also released Ultimate Rapid Clay Paint, Surface Prep, and Body Prep Clay Sponge 2 PK to make your car more glossy.

Ultimate Rapid Clay Paint and Surface Prep is a synthetic clay with the latest polymer rubber technology to help remove all types of contaminants such as scale, mold, tree sap, asphalt stains, bird droppings, paint transfers and attached wax coatings. . on the painted surface.

It can also restore smoothness to smooth chrome, glass and plastic surfaces.

This product is made of dense foam and has a handle, making it lighter and more comfortable to use, making it very easy to use.

It can be simply rinsed off and reused if it falls off or gets dirty, and doesn’t need to be replaced like a traditional clay rod.

This refillable product has a synthetic clay coating thick enough for multiple uses with Ultimate Rapid Clay Paint and Surface Prep Refill 12cm x 8cm.

Turtle Wax’s latest synthetic clay product comes in a simpler and more economical version measuring 9.5 cm x 5.5 cm to fit into tight crevices very easily.

2PK Mud Body Prep Sponge can be used to clean contaminants from bodywork and car wheels. The price of this product is IDR 100,000 (HET). Includes 2 PCs.

If you still like natural clay, there is also an auto detailing medium bar. Natural clay molds can restore the painted surface with excellent results and are ready to go through the detailing process by removing all contaminants.