Jakarta – Anyone who wants to buy a car with a keyless remote control or smart entry should check the condition of the remote control before purchasing.

The keyless remote control of a newly purchased used car may not work properly.

Raymond Lee, owner of Commander Key’s specialized workshop in Sunter, North Jakarta, explains several reasons why a keyless remote control may not work.

“Most of the time, it’s normal because the battery is dead, so the transmitter and receiver of the remote control can’t send a signal to the car’s receiver,” he said.

If the battery has not been replaced, you can use the key on the remote control to open the door.

Or the engine shutdown button function, a remote control can be connected to the button so that the vehicle can detect the transponder signal to start the engine.

However, under certain conditions the remote control may not work due to damage to the transceiver.

According to Raymond, the transceiver of the keyless remote is virtually undamaged unless disassembled.

“If the transponder is damaged, it means that there is no signal that the vehicle’s receiver can receive,” he explained. If damaged, you will need to install a new transponder to duplicate the keyless remote.

Source: Gridoto