Soal Essay Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 Semester 2 dan Jawabannya

Contoh Soal Essay Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 Semester 2 lengkap dengan kunci jawaban

Berikut ini, soal essay bahasa Inggris dan jawabannya.

Soal Essay Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 Semester 2 dan Jawabannya

Fill in the blanks with the right answer!

1. Rani got married… 2004
Jawaban: in

2. What are you doing … Sunday?
Jawaban: on

3. He has never… (travel) by train
Jawaban: traveled

4. Our son…. (learn) how to read
Jawaban: has learned

5. Icha    : “Grandpa, I have finished my home work”.
Grandpa : “…”
Jawaban: that’s my diligent grandson

6. I don’t like travelling….night
Jawaban: at

7. Akram : “You’ve passed the exam with satisfied result. Here is a gift for you.”
Conny : “… “
Jawaban: thank you


8. Rossa :”Linda, why dou you look happy today?”
Linda : “Because today is my birthday.”
Rossa : “Is it true?.. “
Jawaban: Happy Birthday!9. Mr Ben is busy… the moment.
Jawaban: at10. My mother has never … (travel) by air
Jawaban: traveled

III. Answer the following questions!

11. You :”Mother, may I go to Aziz’s house?”
Mother : “ Of curse, please.”
You : “
Jawaban: Thank you, mom

12. Mention some expressions of thanking!
– thank you very much
– thank you for helping me
– thank you so much for a lovely evening
– thanks for everything
– I’d like to express my deep gratitude to you

13. Change this sentence into present perfect!
My car (broke) down three times this week
Jawaban: My car has broken down three times this week

14. Write down the form of present perfect and give three examples (+, -, ?) !
(+) You have seen that movie many times
(-) You have not seen that movie many times
(?) Have you seen that movie many times?

15. Mention some expressions of complimenting
– Nice try
– Wow, good job
– You’re smart
– Good job
– You’re so beatiful


16. The cost of living… (increase) now. Every year things become more expensive
Jawaban: is increasing17. Nisa : would you come to my birthday party?
Puri : …..
Nisa: Ok, see you there
Jawaban: Yes, I’ll come18. Didi : “ I Won a new Blackberry series.”
Rivan : “…”
Jawaban: I don’t believe it

19. Kiki : “Look at that! The magician disappears!”
Merry: “….
Jawaban: That’s unbelievable!

20. Look at the picture!


Make a sentence above on the picture!
Jawaban: The cat is sleeping on the sofa

21. Well, actully I …. (not work) at the moment
Jawaban: am not working

22. The population of the world …. (rise) very fast.
Jawaban: is rising

23. …. you (work) on any special project at work?
Jawaban: are, working

24. Reni is opposite Lenny.
Lenny is …. Reny
Jawaban: opposite/in front of

25. …..he (come) with us tonight?
Jawaban: is coming

26. Make three sentences using expressions of surprising!
– I must say it suprise me
– How very surprising
– What a surprise

27. Make a dialogue using the expressions of disbelief!
Aldo : I went to Bnadung last weekend
Aldi : with may parents
Andi: you’r e kidding

28. Complete this sentence using present continous tense!
Angela has just started evening classes. She….(learn) Germany.
Jawaban: is learning

29. Give a response!
Gina : “Rara, would you like to go to see the movie “Ketika Cinta Bertasbih” tonight?
Rara: “….”
Jawaban: Sure, why not

30. Father wants to give a new bicyle to Pasya, because he got a good mark in Physics.
Make a dialogue based on the statement above!
Father : Budi, since you’ve got a good mark in physic, i’ll buy you a new bicyle.
Budi : Really dad? Thank you very much


31. Akram : “Would you be free for dinner anytime next week?”
Naomi : “Oh, thank you very much.”
The dialogue tells about… be careful
Jawaban: invitation32. Don’t worry, I …. be careful
Jawaban: will33. Laura …. be the best singer.
Jawaban: is going to

34. “We are “T-most”, the famous t-shirt shop center in Jakarta and have many branches in Indonesia.”
“We provide export quality t-shirts.”
“Get discount up to 50%. Don’t miss it until the end of March 2010.”
The text above tells about ….
Jawaban:  am going to

35. Alexander Graham Bell was a man ….invented the telephone
Jawaban: who

36. Ari : “Would you accompany me to see the art exhibition tonight?”
Ina : “I’m sorry but I have to accompany my mother to see the dentist.
Jawaban: ivitation

37. Michelle…. begin medical school next year
Jawaban: is going to

38. Some people …. were arrested have now been released
Jawaban: who


39. Where …. we…meet each other tonight?
Jawaban: are/going to40. A bus …. goes to the airport runs every half an hour
Jawban: that Answer the following questions!

41. Change the memo into direct announcement!

On behalf of the government, city major invites you as a guest in the Independence Day Fair Opening Ceremony

Date    : Saturday, August 7th, 2010
Time    : 3 p.m.
Place : Outside Stadium

Since place and time are limited, so your attendance will be appreciated.

Thank you for attention

City Major,
Drs. Anwar Sanusi



On behalf  of the government, you are invited by city major as a guest in the Indepence Day Fair Ceremony
Date: Saturday, August 7th 2010
Time: 3p.m.
Place: outside stadium
Since place and time are limited, your attendance will be appreciated

Thank you for attention

City Major
Drs. Anwar Sanusi

42. Combine the sentences into one sentence using “who/that/which”!
a. A man answered the phone. He told me you were away
b. A building was destroyed in the fire. It has now been rebuilt.
a. A man who answered the phone told me that you were away
b. The picture that she was looking at was beautiful

43. Make two senteces using simple future tense!
a. I will be there soon
b. You will see that dragon flying in the sky

44. Make an advertisement about a brand new product and promote it in front of your class!
SALE! Blackberry mobile phone Q10 black 100% intact and complete. Still new, official math price Scm 4,3 million. Preferably COD’s location in Sedayu Bantul Yogyakarta. Serious interest please contact us, phone; 0813xxxxxxxx

45. Find an announcement on a newspaper and tell it to your freinds directly in front of your class!

Forthcoming Marriage

The engagement is announced between Benedict, son of Wanda and Timothy Cumberbatch of London, and Sophie, daughter of Katharine Hunter of Edinburgh and Charles Hunter of London.

Questions 46-48 refer to the following invitation

On behalf of the government, city major invites you as a guest in the Independence Day Fair Opening Ceremony

Date    : Saturday, August 7th, 2010
Time    : 3 p.m.
Place : Outside Stadium

Since place and time are limited, so your attendance will be appreciated.

Thank you for attention

City Major,
Drs. Anwar Sanusi

46.  when will the Independence Day Fair Opening Ceremony hold?
Jawaban: on Saturday, August 14th, 2015

47. Who is Drs. Anwar Sanusi?
Jawaban: A city Major

48. Where is the place of Independence Day fair Opening Ceremony?
Jawaban: At Victory Stadium

49. Rani : “Shall I close the door?”


Sita : “Yes, please, if you….
Jawaban: would50. If the rain stopped now, we …. out. (can go)
Jawaban: could go51. I’m sure Lina …. if you explained the situation to her. (understand)
Jawaban: would understand

52. I didn’t like walking home on foot, so I came home …. a taxi
Jawaban: in/by

53. How did you get there? Did you come ….train?
Jawaban: by

54. The two cities were connected…. satelite for a television programme.
Jawaban: by

55. How long does it take to cross the Atlantic …. sea?
Jawaban: by

Answer the following questions!

56. Mention the function of memo!
–  Announce a company policy, or plan
– Make a request
– Explain procedure or give an inttruction
– Clarify readers about a problem
– Confirm what has been decided in a conversation
– Remind readers about a meeting, policy, or procedure
– Provide documentation necessary for business
– Offer suggestions or recommendations

57. Make a birthday invitation to your classmate!

You are invited!
Chad’s 8th birthday
Saturday, April 4th
4-7 pm
Chad’s house : 5632 Mount Lake
RSVP 435 – 223 – 543

58. Mention parts of personal invitation!
– General courtesies
– A polite introduction
– The object of the letter
– Giving more detail
– Asking a response
– Closing

59. Find an advertisement on a newspaper, the promote it in front of your class!
SALE! Blackberry mobile phone Q10 black 100% intact and complete. Still new, official math price Scm 4,3 million. Preferably COD’s location in Sedayu Bantul Yogyakarta. Serious interest please contact us, phone; 0813xxxxxxxx

60. Make a job vacancy!
We are one of the fastest growing IT Company and now we are looking for a dynamic people to fill up the position of service center supervisor.
– Female, max 35 years old
– Minimum bachelor degree, majoring in Accounting
– Familiar with financial statement, processes data, system
– Excellent quantitative and analytic skill
– Good communication skills
– Proficient in English or Mandarin


61. Gita aksed me, “Where do you go?”
Gita asked me….
Jawaban: where I went62. The instructions were very complicated. They could have been….
Jawaban: more simple63. The story of Loro Jonggrang belongs to….
Jawaban: narrative

64. “My Brother Nino” is a title example of….
Jawaban: desciptive

65. Your work isn’t very good. I’m sure you can do….
Jawaban: better

66. Yesterday the temperature was nine degrees. Today it’s only six degrees.
It’s ….. today than it was yesterday
Jawaban: colder

67. Adam asked me who she was.
Adam asked me, “….?”
Jawaban: who is she

68. You were a bit depressed yesterday but you look….today
Jawaban: more relax

69. Fable, classic tale, folktale, and adventure story belong to …. stories.
Jawaban: narrative

70. Ria asked me, “where do you live?”
Ria asked me….
Jawaban: where I lived

Answer the following questions!

71. Make a descriptive text about a person you know!


When I was child, I studied in SD Joglo Jakarta. One day my teacher asked me to describe my family. Then I recounted my little brother to all my freinds in front of the class.
“I have a little brother.”
“His name is Dicky.”
“He is 2 years old.”
“He has a black curly hair.”
“It’s very funny when he’s smilling, because his eyes are small.”
“He can only say words like “papa” and “mama” because he is just 2 years old this month.”
“I love my little brother and I always play with him everyday at home.”72. Make two dialogues about reported speech then change into direct speech!
Direct Speech
– Kirana said, “I like the story”
Reported speech (Indirect Speech)
– Kirana said that he liked the storyContoh lainnya:
– Kirana said, “I will go to Jakarta.”
– Ilham said that he would go to Medan

73. What is narrative text?
Jawaban: A narrative is a story that is created in a constructive format (written, spoken, poetry, prose, images, song, theater, or dance) that describes a sequence of fictional or nonfictional events.

74. Read the situations, then complete the sentences, use a comparative from (-er or more ….)!
a. You can buy magazine or newspaper
The magazine is 10.000 rupiahs
The newspaper is 3.500 rupiahs
The magazine….
b. We were very busy at work today
We’re not very busy at work yesterday
a. The magazine is more expensive than the newspaper
b. We were busier today than yesterday

75. Make two senteces using comparative!
– It’s cheaper to go by car than by train
– Going by train is more expensive than going by car


76. Mention the structures of descriptive text!
Jawaban: identification, description77. Tomi: “Where does Miss Maria park her car?”
Tomi asked me….
Jawaban: where Miss Maria parked her car78. Newsworthy event tells….
Jawaban: the news in summary forms

79. Vera: “The girls helped in the house.”
Vera told me that ….
Jawaban: her father gave her a new bag

80. Nuris: “Dance with me!”
Nuris told me….
Jawaban: to dance with her

81. Dina: “Meet Sandy at the station!”
Dina told me ….
Jawaban: to meet Sandy at the station

82. Grandmother told good stories.
Good stories…. by grandmother
Jawaban: were told

83. He writes text messages
The text messages…. by him
Jawaban: are written

84. Background event explains….
Jawaban: how, what, and why the news happened


85. Ferry: “What are you doing?”
Ferry asked me….
Jawaban: what I was doingAnswer the following questions!86. Mention the structure of narrative text!
a. Orientation
b. Complication
c. Resolution

87. Make two reported speech!
a. Kirana: “Clean the black shoes!”
Kirana told me to clean the black shoes.
b. Shanum: “Meet Kirana at the station!”
Shanum told me to meet Kirana at the station

88. Mention linguistic features of news item text!
– Actions verbs
– Mental verbs
– Temporal circumstances
– Spatial circumstances
– Specific participants

89. Make a simple descriptive text about your classmate!
I have a classmate. She is beautiful, attractive, and trendy. She always want to be a trend setter of the day. She always pays much attention on her appearance. Recently, she bought a new boots from Blowfish shoes production. The shoes really suit her.

90. Change into reported speech!
a. Mrs. Jones: “My mother will be 50 years old.”
b. Jean: “The boss must sign the letter.”
a. Mrs. Jones told me that her mother would be 50 years old
b. Jean said that the boss had to sign the letter.