Soal Latihan Ulangan PAS / UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 SMP / MTS Semester 1 Ganjil 2020

KUNCI JAWABAN Soal Latihan Ulangan PAS / UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 SMP / MTS Semester 1 Ganjil 2020

Halo adik-adik pembaca TEKAPE.ID, sekarang kita lanjutkan belajarnya ya
masih tetap tentang kunci jawaban tematik seperti yang sedang kamu cari

A. Answer the question by choosing A, B, C or D!

1. Neni : Would you like to accompany me to the shop?

Rina : … I want to buy some snack too.

Neni : OK, then. Let’s go!

A. I’m not              B. Sorry            C. Certainly          D. I have doubt

2. Anang : Did you do the test very well, Andi?

Andi : ….. I don’t have a hope of getting even 50.

Anang : But are you sure?

Andi : Absolutely. Not a hope!

Anang : Don’t worry too much. Next time better.

A. Sorry         B. I’m sure         C. Certainly      D. I’m not so sure

3. Marko : I have good news for you. Your article on the tourism in Indramayu won the national competition.

Jaka : ….? It’s what I want to hear. Where can I find the information about it?

Marko : I read the announcement in front of the teacher’s office.

Jaka : I want to see it. Thanks for the information.

A. Well            B. Really          C. Oh, I see          D. Sure

4. Kesya : Hello, Resty. Look at my new purse. I made it myself.

Resty : Hello, Kesya. Hey, that’s nice. Isn’t that your old purse? The one that we bought one year ago?

Kesya : Yup, that’s right.

Resty : How did you do that?

Kesya : Sorry ….

Resty : How did you do that, Kesya?

Kesya : Oh. Well, first, I just added some colourful buttons.Then, four–five glittery beads. Finally,I gave my magic finishing touch, hahaha.

A. What did you say?                  C. What do you want?

B. What did you do                      D. What are you doing?

5. Dona : Hey, Gun. What are you doing?

Gun : I’m making a windmill from paper. Ah, now it is finished.

Dona : Wow,…… ! How did you do that?

Gun : I made it from a square piece of paper by cutting inwards from each corner halfway to the centre point. Then, I folded over each point with a dot on it and tape it to the centre.

A. It’s easy                B. It’s terrific          C. It’s difficult           D. It’s dangerous

Read text for question no. 6-8!


Wanted for Big Restaurant

Applicants must be:

 Friendly

 Able to speak English.

 Age 16 – 20

 Experience unnecessary

All applications must reach to our office no later than two weeks.

Apply in writing to: SEAFOOD RESTAURANT Jl. Gajah Mada 108, Yogyakarta

Yogya Post / 3rd March 2011.

6. Which qualification must the applicants have?

A. Unfriendly                  C. Experienced

B. Fluent English             D. More than 20 years old

7. How can we apply the job?

A. By mail                         C. By phone

B. By e-mail                      D. On line

8. The word “ unnecessary” is similar in meaning to ….

A. very urgent                   C. not important

B. not perfect                     D. Uneasy

Read text for question no. 9-11!

Jogja, 20 September 2013

To : Ivone

Jl.Wirapati no. 15

Indramayu – West Java

Dear Ivone,

By this letter I am proud to tell you about some changes in my life that I have done so far. I have just finished my computer class in Pioneer College. I have taken the course since July last year, and I have learnt about office program for ten months.

Now, I am able to operate computer quite well. And I plan to take English course next month. I will take it in

EnglishFirst in my town. Well, Ivone. That is all what I want to tell you about my changes in my life. Please, tell me about your progress that you have done so far in turn. I’ll wait for your letter.

Wish me luck,


9. Where does Fani live?

A. In Indramayu                  B. In Bandung               C. in Jakarta           D. in Jogja

10.What did Fani tell Ivone about?

A. Her capability to operate computer                  C. Her changing in her life

B. Her finishing computer course                         D. Her English course