Unexpected driving accident. Accidents at unexpected times can happen anytime, anywhere without our expectations. As a result, this situation is very dangerous and can even threaten our lives.

Indonesia still has over 100,000 traffic accidents per year. According to data from PT Jasa Raharja (Persero) at the time of Katadata’s launch, there were 78,660 traffic fatalities during the period January-September 2021.

Meanwhile, according to data from the Ministry of Information and Communication (Chemcom Info), an average of three deaths per day were recorded. When human factors, vehicles, transportation facilities, and infrastructure were considered as major causes, human factors accounted for the highest at 61%.

To reduce the risk of accidents, it is important to drive carefully and drive safely. There are many ways to implement safe driving, for example, obeying each traffic signal and not intentionally breaking it.

But in today’s turbulent times, the use of technology can also serve to maximize driving safety. One of them is to use a safe driving application that you can install on your smartphone.

Driving safety apps allow you to quickly respond to emergencies that are happening right in front of your eyes. Drivers can also get quick assistance from the authorities to avoid dreadful accidents.

SOS app

There are several smartphone apps that can help you drive safely. Of course, this is to avoid unexpected events such as accidents and emergencies.

The driver must install the SOS app on a smartphone connected to the vehicle. SOS apps with this feature usually provide first aid to drivers in emergency situations.

In emergency situations such as collisions (cross-vehicle collisions) or other accidents, the driver can press the SOS button on a smartphone or in a vehicle with SOS function installed.

You will be notified quickly and in real time about the emergency you face and the authorities will provide assistance immediately.

tracker app

The SOS app will become more complete as a tracking app. The tracker app gives you the location of passengers in an emergency and makes it easy.

When running this tracker app, the driver must have the app installed and working with GPS to find the exact location.

A tracking application installed on the smartphone then provides information about the location of the vehicle, the driver and access to this location.

emergency call app

This app allows you to quickly make emergency calls. The Emergency Call app works like a help button that connects drivers with medical assistance and rapid response teams.

In general, emergency calling apps work by connecting drivers to an operator who will respond immediately, and by connecting drivers and vehicles in the event of an accident or emergency to the authorities to handle them.

On the other hand, the institution that can be linked with this application is the nearest hospital, the police, and the service approved by the brand of the vehicle where the accident occurred.

The emergency app installed on your smartphone, of course, needs to be running 24/7, keeping in mind that no one knows when an accident will happen.

For example, drivers should have an app with SOS functionality that connects them to the authorities when their car breaks down.

It is also important to have an application that can connect operators and passengers who are ready to help in the event of an accident. It could certainly make it faster for drivers to seek medical or police help.

Connected communication technology through smart gadgets

Due to the various innovations in smartphone applications, there are now communication technology applications that allow easy access and access to many functions via a smartphone, including driving safety features. One of them is Hyundai Blue Link.

Hyundai Blue Link, an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that connects the car and the owner with a smartphone, will be released. The Connected Vehicle Services Platform was created to enhance the user experience while driving Hyundai manufactured vehicles and is currently available on Hyundai Crete.

Just like having an SOS app, tracker and emergency call in one hand, Hyundai Blue Link offers these three functions.

This modern app provides various functions such as safety, vehicle condition monitoring, emergency and convenience to support the safety and security of drivers.

Hyundai Blue Link has many features to support all this in one app.

1) ACN (Automatic Collision Notification)

The ACN function is automatic and activated immediately in the event of an accident. Along with the expansion of the airbag inside the vehicle, the ACN signal is automatically forwarded to the Hyundai Blue Link call center.

When a signal transmitted from the vehicle is received, the Blue Link call center operator communicates with the driver through a microphone and speaker installed in the driver’s Hyundai vehicle. The operator will check your condition and then call the nearest police or medical representative for assistance.

2) SOS / Emergency Rescue

Drivers can access Hyundai Blue Link’s SOS function or emergency assistance by pressing the SOS button on the vehicle’s overhead console or from the Hyundai Blue Link app on their smartphone. As soon as you press it, the Hyundai Blue Link call center will call you and send you the vehicle’s location and the assistance you need.

3) RSA (Emergency Assistance Service)

This feature will help the driver when he encounters technical problems in the car during the trip. When you press the Blue Link button on the overhead console or the Hyundai Blue Link app, the nearest Hyundai Motor Service Center immediately dispatches or dispatches a tow vehicle to handle accidents and other problems.

4) Stolen vehicle function

The first feature of the anti-theft feature is the stolen vehicle notification. When someone forcibly unlocks the car, the owner will be notified seamlessly via the Bluelink app on their smartphone. This allows the driver to quickly recognize to take the next action.

The anti-theft vehicle tracking function then connects directly to the Hyundai Blue Link call center, providing the vehicle’s location and route information to assist in tracking the vehicle.

Finally, the Stolen Vehicle Stabilization function is activated, stopping and stopping the vehicle engine to prevent thieves from starting the engine. This function can be accessed through the Hyundai Blue Link app on your smartphone and connects directly to the call center.

You can enjoy by connecting the Hyundai Bluelink app to your Hyundai CRETA.

The flagship SUV for the family, the Hyundai CRETA is designed for comfortable and safe road driving, and can make calls to the Hyundai 7×24 call center in case of emergency as well as Hyundai Blue Link calling technology.

You can get help right from your smartphone with the Hyundai Blue Link app. Also, enjoy smooth driving safety and security features while driving with Hyundai CRETA with Hyundai Blue Link all-in-one app built-in.

In addition to driving safety features, you can enjoy various advanced features for driving convenience, such as remote engine start/stop, remote air conditioning, remote door lock/unlock, remote horn and light control, and Find My Car.

Instantly feel the comfort and safety of driving with Hyundai Blue Link’s advanced technology and Hyundai CRETA.

More information about Hyundai Blue Link and Hyundai CRETA can be found at the following link.