The rainy season affects driving comfort, especially in parts related to visibility, such as car windows.

Therefore, it is very important to regularly clean the windshield free of dust and mold so that it does not obstruct your view.

According to Haryadi, assistant. for the service department. PT Suzuki, president of Indomobil Sales (SIS), said the mold on the windshield was caused by water sticking to the glass. Then, when exposed to heat or sunlight, the water dries.

These conditions result in crust-like marks appearing on the glass.

Here are a few things to know about mold on your windshield and the following tips to avoid it.

1. The molded glass is easily detectable at night.

Drivers must make sure the windshield is clean to detect any signs of mold on the windshield.

If the driver’s vision is blurred when looking at other objects at night, this condition could indicate mold on the windshield.

2. Regularly check the condition of your car’s windshield.

Wash the car as usual. After it’s clean and dry, you can check the details of your car’s windshield and pay attention to it for yourself.

If white spots stick to and do not disappear even after wiping, it is a glass mold that can obstruct the driver’s view.

3. Clean your car after rain.

Rainwater has a pH that tends to be acidic, which can affect the condition of the car windshield surface.

The best way to prevent mold from forming is to immediately wipe your car wet in the rain with a clean cloth and dry it.

4. Use a dedicated glass mold cleaner

If windshield rot is indicated, the operator can remove it with a special windshield care cleaner.

A vacuum cleaner can not only remove mold stains from your windshield, but can restore the condition of your glass until it’s clean again. Keep in mind that choosing the right quality and good cleaning products will give you the best results.

“A rotten car window can reduce visibility and increase the likelihood of an accident,” said Haryadi.

Mold on the glass can also reduce the aesthetics of the car and reduce the resale value of the car. The above steps to prevent glass spoilage can be done independently.

“For more maintenance and regular maintenance, we recommend customers take their vehicle to the nearest authorized Suzuki repair shop and have a trained technician handle it,” Haryadi said.