Practical, Here’s How To Install A Car Battery At Home Without The Help Of A Workshop

The presence of batteries is a major component of automobile propulsion. Sometimes the presence of batteries is a minor problem for some car owners.

Although the battery must be dealt with so that it does not deteriorate quickly. In addition to being machined, car batteries typically need to be replaced every two to five years to maintain performance.

However, due to the busy activities of the owner, the car did not have time to change the battery drive.

Otherwise, the main function of the battery, which powers the vehicle’s electronics, will not work optimally, resulting in reduced vehicle performance.

To avoid this, the reporter outlined an easy way to replace a battery at home without the help of a repair shop, as reported on the Astra page.

The first step you can take is to remove the old battery. You can power off the vehicle, open the hood, and continue to remove the cables, clips and screws on the negative shaft.

After all parts of the cathode are complete, we continue by removing all the components of the anode. This method is done in order not to create a short circuit that could cause a short circuit in the car engine.

When all components appear to have been removed, clean the cables and battery clamps with a special rusty liquid. The next step is to install a new battery. The battery holder is in a vertical position.

Then connect all components on the positive side to the positive terminal, then continue connecting the negative cable to the negative terminal.

When installing from both sides, you need to focus on making sure there are no mistakes in the installation. This is because an error in the cable installation can cause sparks.

Perfect if all components are installed successfully. You can start your car engine. Doing this at home in this practical way will of course save you time and money, right?